"Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.― J.K. Rowling

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“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” 

Hi, Shandy prompt: Endearing name said casually while the team is present. Thanks! :D


One more successful case completed. One more dirtbag in prison for a very long time. As it happened this success also coincided with a Friday evening, this only added to the team’s need to celebrate and it did not take much convincing for everyone to agree to go out.

That’s how they ended up huddled around a booth at their favorite haunt. Buzz and Sykes drawing the short straws and taking fairly comfortable chairs, facing their teammates. Provenza was in the center of the booth holding court and recounting a story about himself and Andrews, his old partner.

"…And then the perp throws the bag of flour in my face. I’m blinded, spluttering, and Georgie is yelling as the guy trying to knock him to the ground. My eyes are burning and watering but I looked to my right and there’s Georgie wrestling with the idiot." Provenza took a swig of his beer.

He took a deep breath “I mean the perp couldn’t have been more than 110 pounds, and Andrews had at least 120 pounds on the guy but the perp was the scrappy type. Slippery almost, so every time Georgie thought he had him he’d slip out of his hold. Must’ve been a wrestler in High School or something. I finally get my wits about me and rush the two of ‘em and we go straight through one of the tables. By the end of it we’re in a dogpile and the perp is at the bottom yelling police brutality.”

Sharon’s lips are pulled tight in restrained amusement, as Andy laughs beside her, his arm casually draped over the back of the booth. As she laughs she remembers an early case she caught where there was some confusion on what constituted as excessive force and a petty criminal with a messed up shoulder.

Sharon turned to look at Provenza better. “Was this the case where you dislocated the perp’s shoulder?”

Provenza smirked. “The one and only.”

She smiled nodding her head. “I believe that was my first run in with you and Andrews.”

Provenza chuckled, taking a quick sip. “And I regret it everyday.” He laughed harder when she smacked him on the arm. 

Beside her Andy shifted in his seat, his thigh bumping hers. Sharon looked at him, their proximity meant she had to tilt her head up slightly. “You getting more to drink?”

"Yeah, you want another glass of wine, babe?"

"No thank you. I’m good." She smiled at him. They were so comfortable in their own bubble that the casual exchange didn’t even register between them.

Until Andy looked towards the others in their group and was met with varying degrees of shock and sly smiles. “What…”

Provenza groaned, unable to articulate words.

From across the booth Mike was smiling a cat got the cream smile. “You called her babe, and Buzz owes me fifty bucks.”

Sharon’s cheeks reddened as Andy began to open and close his mouth like a codfish. Once Sharon spoke, her voice was calm and even. “Well I guess the secret is out now.”

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Title: Joys of Babysitting Part 2

Pairing: Andy/Sharon

Words: 2,435

Rating: K

Summary: Andy is babysitting his grand kids when someone unexpected shows up.

Written for Week 4 of #ShandySundayHiatus Marathon :D

I don’t own the characters, I just like playing with them

Title: Joys of Babysitting

Pairing: Andy/Sharon

Words: 2,870

Rating: K

Summary: Andy is babysitting his grand kids when someone unexpected shows up.

Written for Week 3 of #ShandySundayHiatus Marathon :D

I don’t own the characters, I just like playing with them

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