I think romance sometimes takes a while to bloom. Sometimes you are in love without knowing it. Or you move through a crush without fully grasping what’s happening to you.  

- James Duff.

Title: Forbidden Love

Author : acquariusgb/leveragus

Plot: Written for TheCloserFicFest 2014. Andy and Jackson are bffs until Andy falls head over heels with Sharon. Pre-series.

Here’s the final chapter! Thank you for reading! :D

Always honest.


I confess I didn’t really get this scene - I didn’t understand why Fritz was so adamant about going in first or why Andy protested so intensely - they had worked together before so I don’t think it was just a FBI versus the LAPD authority thing. Thoughts?  

I think it was more a political thing. Andy wanted to go first because, well, he is Andy, but Fritz said it was better he went first because he didn’t want to put Andy in the position of killing the guy. They both knew it was coming to that, but Fritz is FBI he would have less consequences to deal with, Andy, being LAPD, and with that City Council woman sniffing around, it was better this way. 



Major Crimes s03e07


Shandy FEELS!

Too bad that was the only Shandy we got in this episode. 



You know there is something wrong with us when we actually /want/ Andy to be shot. All for the sake of ship…lol!!!

LOL yeah, we’re definitely crazy. All we want is for him to get slightly wounded so that Sharon could realize she loves him and cute awkward hospital scenes XD


prrrrrrreeeeeeeety much…

LOL !! If it doesn’t happen, there is always fanfiction! :P 


s o m e h o w existing together without destroying each other.  Fire and ice

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